Friday, May 9, 2008

What the Heck, I'm Doing the Hecto

It will be one hecto at a time on Saturday, May 10 for about 400 racers, including me, at the CARA Circuit Fitness Together 50 Hecto Race in Wheaton. What the heck is a hecto? One hecto equals 100 meters. Doing the math, 50 X 100 equals 5,000 meters. You get the picture. From that we call it a 5K but demand mile splits. Yep, we are crazy. The race, which had 118 finishers last year when it wasn't on the Circuit, will be at or over 400, race director Marilee Summer said on Friday. Todd Moxley, 44, of Wheaton, is two-time defending men's champ (15:53 and 16:00), while Natalie Gorski, 21, of Batavia, is defending women's champ (21:53). It is not known if they'll be in the field. Proceeds benefit St. John's Lutheran School in Wheaton. Rumor has it at least two runners will hightail it out of there after they finish and "run" the Run for the Kids 5K in Villa Park a half-hour later. Stay tuned.

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