Monday, May 12, 2008

Avenue Q (Quarryman) -- Take 2!

This time, the men's times are correct.
The Quarryman 10-miler in Lemont produced some terrific results on Saturday. I couldn't recognize the strong efforts until now because I was out of town. First, kudos to Bridget Montgomery and Emisael Favela of Chicago for their wins in 1:03:02 and 53:21 respectively.
On the men's side, Deerfield's Chad Ware, winner of the Ravenswood 5K, was second in 54:25, and Jason Olszowka of downstate Greenville was third in 54:55. Following Montgomery in the women's race were Pam Blair of Chicago in 1:04:48, and Emily DeWald of Bloomington, winner of the recent Lake Run in that city, with a 1:06:16.
I have not run this race, but for three years now, I've been told it's very good. Anyone have any comments on it?


Anonymous said...


1 Bridget Montgomery Chicago IL 28 1:03:02
2 Pam Blair Chicago IL 27 1:04:48
3 Emily Dewald Bloomington IL 24 1:06:16

1 Emisael Favela Chicago IL 31 53:21
2 Chad Ware Deerfield IL 23 54:25
3 Jason Olszowka Greenville IL 28 54:55

Dirk Eddelbuettel said...

Really nice race, and the three hills are a true challenge. Much steeper than what you get, say, at March Madness. And then there's three of'em.

Dirk (who came in 34t)

Bob Richards said...

Oops! Sorry about the inaccurate initial post. I was in a stupor after seven hours of driving. Sorry . . . . . I have corrected the men's times.

Bridget said...

Great race :) I second Dirk regarding the steep hills - this is definitely a race for runners who love a good challenge (and some post-race burning quads!).