Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Going Back 32 Years -- in the 3,200 Relay

St. Charles North (7:45.97) and York (7:47.05) paced a strong 3,200-meter relay on Saturday at the boys Class AA state meet in Charleston. All teams in the finals got under 8 minutes, a superb accomplishment. Now, consider this. In 1976, the two-mile relay (now, 3,200) in Illinois was a race for the ages. Check out these results, courtesy of the Rockford Register-Star through good friend Chuck Wallin:
1976 times (converted to 3,200-meter times)
1. Thornton 7:35.7
2. Lyons Township 7:36.2
3. Rockford East 7:36.8
4. Bloom 7:37.4
5. Evanston 7:38.4
6. Thornwood 7:39.6
7. Champaign Central 7:40.8
8. New Trier East 7:42

What?? No York?? Yep, everybody else was even better.

The 1976 race might have been the best ever at an Illinois state meet. And there's your history lesson for today. Was track a stronger sport then? What do you think?

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mark b said...

The 70's were stronger. You had Virgin, Merrick, Spivey, Greg Foster, Darryl May, etc. 3 of those guys were future Olympians.