Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It All Adds Up

I decided to look at the numbers from this past weekend (May 3-4) and came up with some amazing stuff. We like to run, but we like to race, too. Counting Cincinnati's Flying Pig Marathon and its associated events, Indy's 500 Festival Mini Marathon/5K and 17 races in the greater Chicago area, I came up with a grand total of 9,228 finishers. No wonder the running paths weren't as crowded as usual! So, who had the big numbers? Indy's half-marathon featured 2,750 Illinois runners with another 240 in the 5K. Flying Pig had 255 Illinois finishers with another 258 in the half. Locally, the Palos Bank Southwest Half Marathon topped the list with 1,370 finishers, with the Run to Remember 5K second at 1,057.
Here's the list. Let me know what I missed.
Indy H.M. 2,750; Indy 5K, 240; Flying Pig Marathon, 255; Flying Pig HM, 258; Flying Pig 10K, 27; Flying Pig 5K, 15; Palos Southwest HM (Palos Heights), 1,370; Run to Remember 5K (Chicago), 1,057; Ol Phun Run 5K(Glenview), 659; Great Western HM (St. Charles), 650; Lake Run (Bloomington), 313; Seven Bridges 5K (Woodridge), 233; Blazier Run for the Arts 5K (Crystal Lake), 206; We Go 5K (West Chicago), 154; Griffin 4M (Frankfort), 148; Seven Bridges 10K (Woodridge), 141; Cinco de Mayo (Romeoville), 132; Spring Stampede, 107; Caps for Sam (DeKalb), 97; Heroes 5K (Palatine), 79; Nancy Young 5K (Aurora), 93; Run for Hope 5K (Palatine, 49; We Go 10K (West Chicago), 33; Lake Monona (Wis.) 20K, 18 Illinois finishers and Door County (Wis.) Half Marathon, unknown amount of Illinoisans. Updates expected.


Mark B said...

Bob - the Lake Run 7K had 486 runners in addition to the 313 in the 12K. Hilly and windy but fun!

Bob Richards said...

Thanks. That just adds to an already impressive total. Did you run?

mark b said...

John McKoane and I both ran. The last time I ran the race was in 1988. It's a good race with a strong field. Windy (that day) and hilly.The 12K winner averaged 5:12 miles.

The 45-49 A.G was deep. I finished in 101st overall and only 26th in age group!