Monday, August 4, 2008

Under the Radar: Foot Mechanics Half Madness

13.1-milers come in many shapes and sizes in the Chicago-area marketplace. The one upcoming half-marathon I hear the least about is the one I would do in a heartbeat if I were going to be in town this Labor Day Weekend. It's on Sunday, Aug. 31, and it's called the Foot Mechanics Half Madness 13.1 Half Marathon. It will be contested on a rolling course, starting and finishing in historic downtown Batavia along the Fox River. The first-year event is part of the city's 175th anniversary celebration. Much of the course will go along the river, giving runners plenty of scenic views. I can tell you that much thought and planning has gone into this event, and from I have been told, I have a feeling the field will be about a thousand runners, give or take. If you're like a lot of the runners to whom I have mentioned this race, you really didn't know about it until now, right? It's not too late to get signed up. Check out

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