Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tracking Our Local Elites

I finally caught up with CDC overall winner Greg Costello via e-mail. Here's his take on Sunday. One interesting fact that slipped through me until right now is that Costello won last year in 1:09:54 and won this year on a long course in the same time, 1:09:54. That means he's in pretty good shape! Here are his comments:
"I actually got a few emails mentioning that I wasn’t in the results at all after the race on Sunday (he eventually was). I am not sure what happened, but there were actually a few mistakes. First of all, they announced that I was the runner-up from last year (he won) while I was on the home stretch, and they said the wrong name as I finished, and a few of the reports online had Jose (Munoz) as the winner. Also, I do think the course was a little long (written before the CDC explantion). I know of 4 guys that ran with Garmins and they all had between 13.3 and 13.4, and there were definitely a few long miles, and I don’t remember any short ones.
"I ended up leaving the chase pack at about the 3-mile mark, and worked my way up solo and didn’t catch Jose until after the 11-mile marker. At the turnaround, it seemed as though he was almost a minute ahead of me, but I guess the quick early pace and heavy head wind got to him. Once I caught him, I went right past him and put about 20 seconds on him before the last half-mile."

Costello, 27, of Chicago, also said he probably will run the Chicago Half-Marathon in September. He heads to Oregon for the Hood to Coast relay next week. His ultimate goal is the New York City Marathon. He is coached by Chris Wehrman.

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