Sunday, August 10, 2008

Chicago Distance Classic ' 08 -- It's A Classic

To me, it was like being part of a movable feast of spectacular scenery along the lakeshore. We really ran as if we were part of a Chicago post card on Sunday at the 32nd annual Chicago Distance Classic (seventh as a half-marathon . . . remember those years when it was a 20K?). While the wind on the second half of the course was tough at times, the beauty of the large waves breaking on our shores and the Chicago skyline, sparkling in sunny,70-degree conditions, more than made up for any discomfort in my book. I think there might have been a long mile or two, based on my splits and those of others. GPS reports also indicate we may have run 13.45 to 13.5 miles. Mile 7 in particular, the one with the turnaround, sandy "boardwalk," twists and turns near souuth shore, was exceptionally long. But on a day like this, it provided us with a minute or two of bonus running time to enjoy the scenery! I'll update this once there are some official results. I clocked in at 1:37:51. That was right where I wanted to be with Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon training and CARA Circuit running constantly intersecting in my life as a running bum. I appear to have come out of it with 13.?? quality miles and no damage.

As for the real race, far ahead of me, Greg Costell0, 27, of Chicago (left in top photo), appeared to be in control as he was chased by Mike Farrell in this photo provided by Run Midwest editor Brenda Barrera. Costello was the overall winner in 1:09:54. Farrell, 35, of Marshall Ill., finished 12th.
Men's results go like this (4,055 total finishers):
1. Greg Costello, 27, Chicago, 1:09:54
2. Jose Munoz, 23, San Antonio, Texas, 1:10:11
3. David Williams, 36, Milwaukee, 1:10:18
4. Jim Akita, 28, Elmhurst, 1:10:37
5. Emisael Favela, 31, Cicero, 1:11:22
6. Chad Ware, 23, Deerfield, 1:11:43
On the female side (4,698 total finishers), it was:
1. Erin Moffett, 26, Chicago, 1:23:02
2. Amanda Domich, 23, Algonquin, 1:23:06
3. Alona Banai, 24, Oak Park, 1:23:21
4. Connie Abbott, 22, Kansas City, Kan., 1:24:39
5. Jill Czarnik, 20, Orland Park, 1:26:00
6. Kristie Hawkins, 27, Chicago, 1:27:04
The second photo is Bob Jones (right) cruising near the Balbo statue.
Again, hats off to John (the Penguin) Bingham for making this event as good as it is.
NOTE: The results changed quite a bit between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Sunday and were tweeked again slightly on Monday. Look again, and you'll see accurate times and places.
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Nettie said...

I went out for my long run pretty late today and managed to see the last finishers and the balloon cuties making there way towards the finish. I looked at the clock at their 11 mile mark and saw it was at about 4 hours; I admire the Penguins ability to get everybody out there no matter what their pace.

Your half time sounds pretty smokin' to me! Congrats!

Bob Richards said...

How many miles did you log today? There's no way I can keep that pace for 26.2. That's a whole different ballgame! I agree. The Penguin brings 'em out.