Monday, May 30, 2011

Lukas V. Runs 3:59.1 at Main St. Mile

Lukas Verzbicas, 18, of Orland Park, no stranger to people who follow running locally and nationally, breezed to victory in the mostly downhill Foot Mechanics Main Street Mile in St. Charles on Monday with a 3:59.1. A distant second was Moses Waweru, 33, of Sun Prairie, WI, who won the Soldier Field 10-mile on Saturday, and just might not have been at full speed. He ran a 4:05.4. Shawn Lucas , 27, was third with a 4:10.1. Mason Cathey, 29, was the fastest woman in 4:37.3. Next was Kelly Whitley, 18, in 4:52.3, and third in the elite wave was Mariana Trejo , age unknown, in 5:10.01. A woman named Michelle Gagnard, listed as 50 years old, ran a 4:42.3 in the age-group division.


Pete B said...

I ran in the 40 year old and over "wave" and ran a 5:04. However, I did not see any female runners ahead of me. At the 1/2 mile marker, I could see all of the runners between me and the finish line from the top of the hill. So unless I completely missed her, something is wrong with that 4:42.3 time. Anyway, it was my first mile race and it was quite an adrenaline rush with the downhill portion and all. I would recommend it, even though it is way way out there in St. Charles. I got my dad to run and he got 2nd in his age group!

Anonymous said...

Results have been updated. The winner of the Masters ran it in 5:29