Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fully-Loaded Weekend On Tap

The running race schedule is busy again this weekend. I knew we couldn't go more than a week or two without more half-marathons! This Saturday, it's 13.1 Chicago and the Sunburst Half in South Bend, IN. Other great runs include the Cosley Zoo Run in Wheaton on Saturday and the Run for the Zoo (Lincoln Park) on Sunday. The Roselle 5K, a CARA Runners Choice Circuit race, is on Sunday. Those are the highlights. There are a bunch of other runs and training programs as well. What's your favorite June race? Good luck whether you're training, racing or just plain taking it easy! I'm gearing up for the Ragnar Madison-Chicago 200-mile relay late next week.

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Pete B said...

My favorite June race is the Cosley Zoo 10k run. The race is on city streets and they close a somewhat large section of Wheaton to car traffic during the race. Also, it is not just two 5k loops (i.e. the last 5k of the race is a different route than the first 5k).