Friday, October 17, 2008

A Lakefront 10 Win-Win

CARA's purchase of the Lakefront 10-miler from Universal Sole, announced this week, is a win-win for both organizations, and ultimately, for Chicagoland runners. Ever since CARA sold the Shamrock Shuffle, I have felt it was a mistake for it to be out of the race production business. This will provide some revenue-generating capacity to CARA while providing Universal Sole with some badly needed capital. The Lakefront 10, one of the very good races on the local calendar each April, has been held most years in direct competition with the very good Ravenswood 5K, a staple on the CARA Competitive Circuit. I hope that conflict goes away. I know I've always wanted to run the LF10, but always had a Circuit obligation to Ravenswood. It's good to see CARA make this move. I'm sure more details will emerge in coming days and weeks.

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