Saturday, October 11, 2008

Da Chicago Picks for 2008

The men's and women's elite fields for Sunday's Bank of America Chicago Marathon are evenly matched with no clear-cut favorites. It will be on the warm side, but not as hot as last year. I think most of the upper tier will not be affected much by the elements this time.
So here goes . . . the predictions please:
1. William Kipsang, Kenya
2. Daniel Njenga (not again!), Kenya
3. Richard Limo, Kenya
4. Emmanuel Mutai, Kenya
5. Arata Fujiwara, Japan

1. Berhane Adere, Ethiopia
2. Bezunesh Bekele, Ethiopia
3. Constantina Tomescu-Dita, Romania
4. Kiyoko Shimahara, Japan
5. Lidiya Grigoryeva, Russia

This is as wide-open as it's been in years. It will be fun to watch. Many others could make the podium. The last few miles will be dramatic to say the least.

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