Saturday, September 6, 2008

Let's See, Where Was I?

Scotland, to be exact. We did a Rick Steves tour. It was the best. That's me on the right at the start of a marathon training run on the Scottish west coast. Suffice it to say the run was spectacular with sea views, ships, castles, traffic going the "other" way etc. etc.
I see that plenty of quality running and racing took place while I was gone. The inaugural Oak Brook and Half-Madness half-marathons appear to have gone smoothly, and the Bud James-led Park Forest Scenic 5-miler also went off OK with a much smaller group than the heydays of the "Scenic 10". Looks like Buffalo Grove also had another good field as did several other races. I also saw that the Park Ridge Charity Classic on Sept. 27 has been cancelled because of construction. I wonder what CARA will do regarding the Circuit.Park Ridge is where many a runner has set a 5K PR.
Well, it's up and at them tomorrow at Lake Zurich for the Alpine Races Half-Marathon. I'm a "wee" bit jet-lagged, but I'm looking forward to a race that isn't over in 20-plus minutes.

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