Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ready for Ready to Run?

CARA's Nike Ready to Run 20-mile training run is set to go this Sunday. Registration is closed, so if you're not running, I would steer clear of the lakefront path. It will be crowded big-time. This event has caught on as the perfect way to get that last long one in before the Bank of America Chicago Marathon on Oct. 12. I'm "running" Milwaukee on Oct. 5 if my body lets me. This training business doesn't get any easier as you grow older (da aches and pains). Also, CARA needs a few more volunteers to make sure things run smoothly on Sunday. Go to its site at for information.

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Wah, I wanted to participate but when I arrive to registration... buuu closed haha so I'll wait for the next year, the race was very nice I take a lot of pictures and meet new people.
thanks for sharing.