Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer Sun for Spring Marathon, Half Marathon

It was heated competition, or perhaps survival, on Sunday at the Chicagloand Spring Marathon and Half Marathon in Schaumburg-Busse Woods. What a tough day it was, but Robert Friedman, 29, managed a 3:03:54.3 to win the marathon, and Laura Jortberg, 45, was leading woman in 3:30:52.1. Second and third men were Brian Hurlbut, 35, in 3:13:29.5, and Dennis Petrushkevich, 55 (that's right), in 3:16:245.3. Second and third females were Ashley Dick, 24, in 3:33:58.7, and Erin Asgedon, 30, in 1:27:08.3. There were 255 finishers on a very difficult day to run a marathon. In the half-marathon, not exactly an easy race, either, 892 finished with Lionel Montenegro, 23, winning in 1:18:21.6. Women's winner was Jennifer Sagat, 29, in 1:27:08.3.

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Tough Mudder said...

Congratulations for a great job well done, that was a great run. Thanks for sharing and looking forward always for more updates. Keep it up, nice posts !