Tuesday, May 8, 2012

4,000 Run Cinco de Miler 5M

Just when you thought the half-marathons ruled on a weekend loaded with races, the well-done Cinco de Miler, put on by RAM Racing, drew a huge field for the 5-mile race in Chicago. A total of 3,998 runners finished with more than 4,000 starting. Victory overall went to Mark Wehrman, 25, of Chicago, who won by a hair over Justin Jackson, 30, of Chicago. Both were timed in 26:39. Third went to Ethan Heppner, 23, of Chicago, in 26:46. Women were led by the amazing Angelica Guerrero, 50, of Chicago, in 32:34. Second was taken by Ashley Raymond, 25, of Chicago, in 32:37; and third went to Lucy Marinangeli, 29, of Chicago, in 32:53. Both top threes were close and the field was loaded with runners of all speeds and abilities. Nice job by everyone involved.

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