Thursday, November 18, 2010

Turkey Trots Here, There and Everywhere

It's that time of the year. We're talking turkey from one end of the Chicago area to the other and then back again. Turkey runs do well with college kids back in town, runners hungry for fast times as well as dinner on Thanksgiving Day and just the spirit of giving that pervades the crisp autumn air this time of year. Lincolnwood and La Grange (Pilgrim Pacer) are two of the good ones for this weekend, and then a bunch more (see Chicago Athlete's schedule) take place Thursday. Others have already been run (Tinley Park, Montgomery for example) I've run a few in the past (Elmhurst's Dan Gibbons Run, Downers Grove and Naperville) and really have enjoyed them. The most unique turkey (trots) are in Schaumburg. The Schaumburg Half-Marathon and 5K on Saturday and Sunday (that's right), Nov. 27 and 28, includes a half-marathon in Busse Woods both days. The Saturday half is sold out, but the Sunday half still has some openings. Incredible. If you can work a turkey trot of any length into your schedule, go for it. Most of them are for very worthy causes. In this economy, helping people less fortunate is a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving.

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Pete B said...

I hope to run the Lincolnwood Turkey Trot on Sunday, then the Schaumburg Turkey Trot the following weekend. It will likely mark the end of the racing season for me. Looking forward to my favorite running season: Winter. To me, there is no better training than slogging it out by the lake in the arctic wind!