Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mythical Duel: York vs. Belvidere North

As some people have confided in me, Class 3A state champion York wasn't the fastest team in the state cross-country meet but had people in the right places, which is really the only thing that counts. In Class 3A, runner-up Lake Zurich had a faster total time by 9 seconds, but then York did have a runner disqualified, which skewed and slowed its total time. More interesting is Class 2A champion Belvidere North, which creamed its division with a 28-point final total. It was faster in total time than York and only two seconds slower than Lake Zurich, but it can be argued that its runners had fewer high-quality opponents to navigate through than the Class 3A champs and runners-up did. One good friend took the times of the top five runners for York and Belvidere North and came up with a mythical 21-34 dual-meet victory for Belvidere North. I think it would be much closer, maybe 27-28, with both teams having a chance to win. Any thoughts? The Midwest Regionals in Terre Haute, IN, could be extra-special.


Anonymous said...

My thought is that York would have lost again, so quit trying to play what if's and face the facts. And both teams better hope there is a big field this Saturday or Lake Zurich can get both of them.

Bob Richards said...

Sunday should be interesting in Terre Haute. That's for sure. All the key teams and players will be there. You're right about lake Zurich (Alpine).