Sunday, November 28, 2010

Saturday's Champs Edge Sunday's at Schaumburg

In the first half-marathon doubleheader I've ever heard of, the Saturday winners came in just ahead of the Sunday winners at the Schaumburg Turkey Trot Half-Marathons Nov. 27 and 28 at Busse Woods between Schaumburg and Elk Gove Village. On Saturday, Brent Alexander, 30, of Wilmette, won in 1:11:18.2, compared to Sunday winner Mac McCulley, 26, who ran 1:11:52.6. It was similar on the women's side as Jean Marinangeli, 26, of Arlington Heights, won on Saturday with a 1:21:07.4, nudging Sunday winner Meghan Kennihan, 29, of La Grange, who ran a 1:21:31.9. This two-race concept must have been a challenge beyond belief for race organizers, but it appears they pulled it off. Decent weather did help, I'm sure.
Back to Saturday, the field was tougher as Ryan Giuliano, 25, of Schaumburg, took second in 1:12:48.5, and Brian Grudowski, 29, of Buffalo Grove, took third in 1:14:37.8. Conversely on Sunday, Marco Alfaro, 23, placed second in 1:16:58.3, and Alfredo Delgado, also 23, was third in 1:16:59.1. Saturday's women's runner-up was Sherri Albus, 27, in 1:27:27.6, and third was taken by Angela Homberg, 39, in 1:29:48.6. Sunday's second and third women were Maria Cristi Homorozan, 35, in 1:30:47.3, and Aneta Ziemianska, 32, in 1:31:03.3 There were 681 finishers on Saturday plus 330 in the 5K. There were 581 on Sunday.
Some people ran both days, including Marinangeli, who jogged a 1:34 on Sunday! If you ran, give us your report! Congrats to all.


Anonymous said...

i was there both days (racing on sat and running around w/ friends on sunday.) the race on sat was great and sunday seemed to run even better. everyone i talked to had a great time (timewise and overall), and i think that this two races in a weekend thing could really take off for the organizers.

Pete B said...

I ran on Sunday. Weather was sunny with 30 degree temps at the 9 a.m. start. It gradually warmed to above 40 during the race. Times were likely adversely affected because five of the first six miles were into a steady, somewhat strong wind. Also there were a couple of steep and long pedestrian bridges (each had to be summited twice: out then back) the last one was only 100 yards from the finish line! The quiet, narrow, course wound its way through forests, around lakes and even by a herd of elk (well, they were behind a fence, but still close)! Since the trail was so narrow and had several out and back spots, most runners got to see the first place runners up close at a few points. Not too many runners were drifting into "oncoming traffic" (i.e. runners crossing the median line on the paths), except for a couple of runners in the the large 1:55 pace group. However, I heard a pace group leader give orders to his troops to keep within the lines. Free gel packs were handed out at mile 9, a nice benefit that not all races have. In summary, a nice, well organized run, just enough aid stations, plenty of parking and the price was right at $50 making it one of the more reasonable half marathons around! Hats off to the organizers for throwing back to back halfs, and hats off to those who ran both Saturday and Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the prior comments. I ran on Sunday. It was a great race, really well run with great conditions. FWIW, I think Marinangeli was one of the 1:35 pacers on Sunday (impressive after winning on Saturday).

Anonymous said...

^^ she was.