Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Locals Set Their Marathon Goals

Sure, there will be a bevy of elites from Africa, Europe and even the United States on Sunday at the 33rd Bank of America Chicago Marathon. But there will be plenty of strong local runners trying to reach high aspirations. Many will be trying to meet Olympic Trials standards (2:19 for men, 2:39 [A] or 2:46 [B] for women). Others will be looking to do well in their age groups. Names like Kyle Brady, Chad Ware and Emisael Favela come to mind. So do others. Dave Schaefers of Fast Track/Dick Pond was kind enough to share some names and numbers from that club. If you're a man trying to break 2:30 or a woman hoping to go under 2:50, please leave a comment on this message. I want everyone who deserves publicity to get it. Here is that Fast Track group:
Eric Wallor ... sub 2:25
Jean Marinangeli... women's Olmypic marathon qualifier (sub 2:46)
Kate DeProsperis... women's Olympic marathon qualifier (sub 2:46)
Ann Schaefers-Coles... top Illinois Masters woman
Alona Banai... women's Olympic marathon qualifier (sub 2:46)
Don't be shy. Let's add to this list.


chad said...

Brandon Mull from Wheaton (ran 2:20:03 last year), Kyle Brady, and I will be working together (with plenty others I'm sure) to try to hit the OT Qualifier of sub-2:19. I just thought Brandon deserved a mention.

All praise and glory to God no matter the result!


Bob Richards said...

Chad, Thank you so much for letting us know about Brandon. Godspeed to all of you on 10/10/10!