Thursday, October 14, 2010

Frank Lloyd Wright Run Filled Up

The Frank Lloyd Wright 10K (CARA Runners Choice Circuit), 5K and 5K walk are closed. The events in Oak Park on Oct. 24 have reached their combined 2,500 capacity. Openings still exist for the youth mile as of this posting. I was on the fence to do this race, and the closing makes it easy. I can't do it. In my case, I am third in my age group in the CARA standings, and know I can't get second if my friend and rival John Albanese runs the race. He is faster than I am, and I would have to throw out a race (you're allowed a maximum of nine for scoring) and he wouldn't. However, there might be other runners who could move up a place, especially in the top three overall or in a specific age group, who won't get the opportunity. I hope that isn't the case. If you are doing this run, it is a great one with a fast course and beautiful scenery.

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