Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Let the Post-Marathon DQs Begin

Actually, they already have. You know I am vehemently against bib sharing, and now I must add that I blatantly oppose people jumping in to pace friends etc. As I write this, in a quick spot check, two high finishers in the women's 60-64 group are disqualified. Good friend Nancy Rollins has moved up to second as a result. Neither alleged culprit had any splits before the half-marathon mark. When I checked the men's 60-64 group, the one runner I know, Stephen Essig, has moved from 18th to 13th. I'm sure there is much more. What a shame our sport has people who have no regard for result fiascos and potential medical disasters.

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Shannon said...

It is sad. NBC5 (I think) did a piece about a guy who ran the marathon barefoot. He admits that he purchased his bib off Craiglist. What is unfortunate is since that is in the news it makes it seem like that is okay. I sure hope he gets DQ.
When I was running on Sunday there was a guy at mile 24 asking his girlfriend to finish for him. I just couldn't believe it. You can't run or crawl two more miles at that point.