Friday, October 16, 2009

Marathon Highs Great to See

It's been fun being around people who are still experiencing the after-glow of a cold but very satisfying Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Everywhere I go in running circles, there is talk of fast performances, great crowds and a mighty chilly final three miles into the wind. When you go through the top couple of hundred men and women in the results, there are familiar names with phenomenal times. What contrast to to the two previous years of oven-baked marathoning that cursed Chicago worse than a Billy Goat at Wrigley Field. Enough said. There are those of you who are just getting ready to run other marathons such as Grand Rapids, Indianapolis, Columbus, Detroit etc. etc. etc. If you're going 26.2 this weekend, the weather looks good. Grand Rapids, for instance, expects 45 to 60 degrees, almost ideal for running. Wherever you go, good luck! For those of you staying home, there is a potpourri of short, non-pressure races around Chicagoland. And if you don't want to race, the conditions for nice runs on the many pathways around the area will be close to perfect.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the fact Deena Kastor BOMBED!..being a runner, I'm all about being positive and helpful...but shes a real B'Arch and a whiner!!! so it was awesome to see her ("injury" or not) get smoked!!!

Bob Richards said...

I have to differ with you. Having interviewed Deena several times through the years, I've found her to be a warm, caring person who is quite aware of the world around her, not just her training and racing.

Eileen said...

Is Anonymous for real? I can't quite grasp why anyone would actually type up a comment like that. What a knucklehead. Not the typical runner's mentality.

longge said...

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