Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Goebel DQ'd from Win at Milwaukee

Jennifer Goebel of Lombard listened to her iPod during the late stages of the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon on Sunday, a violation of USATF rules, and it cost her the victory, which she only had gotten after the original winner, Cassie Peller, was DQ'd because she accepted a bottle of water from a friend in between official aid stations, also a USATF rule violation. The disqualification of the top two women has raised quite a stir, and late Wednesday, Corina Canitz, 42, of Brookfield, Wis., the two-time defending champion, was declared a winner after Goebel's appeal was turned down. Goebel, a physical therapist in Elmhurst, finished in 3:02:50. I have been tied up and I am a friend of Goebel's, so maybe it's best that I refrain from too much reporting on this one. The last time I saw her was a week ago today when I wished her good luck. I don't think she had any idea she would be in contention to win or be embroiled in a controversy. There has been good reporting of this story from Tom Held of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Please read the following:


Anonymous said...

Its a shame Bob!
There are two types of rule breakers, those who knowingly violate the rules and those who do so not knowing. I would like to know which category these ladies fall into.

David M. Patt, CAE said...

While a lot of runners think the rule barring iPods is really, silly, fast runners who have a chance to win should know the rules and comply with them.

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