Monday, October 26, 2009

Fleetest Feet Rule Trick or Treat Trot

Note: I have updated this to be correct as per the first comment, which was made when I had another runner finishing second in the 10K.
The annual Trick or Treat Trot Presented by Fleet Feet Sports drew more than 1,500 runners to the lakefront on Sunday. In the 5K, Emil Bojanov, 25, of Chicago, took overall honors in 15:28.7 with Columbia Montes, 30, of Chicago, easily taking the women's competition in 17:58.2. Taing second and third in the men's race were Jeff Hojnacki, 35, of Chicago, in 16:16.9 and Jesse Kleinjam, 25, of Chicago, in 16:22.3. Elizabeth Waterstraat, 34, of Lisle ran a 19:18.6 for runner-up on the women's side, with Veronica Laureano, 25, of Chicago, garnering third in 20:15.8.
In the 10K, the women were impressive as Heather Prekop, 27, of Chicago, won in 37:50. She was followed in second and third by Christina Overbeck, 23, of Chicago, in 38:18, and Michelle Densmore, 28, of Chicago, in 39:34. Men's 10K winner was Eric Hofmann, 22, of Homewood, who cruised in with a 33:58. Second was Sam Ramirez, 42, of Chicago, in 36:12, and third was Chris Dumbrowski, 25, of Chicago, who ran a 36:52. There were 827 finishers in the 5K and 719 in the 10K. Hats off Fleet Feet for another quality event.


Eric Hofmann said...

The results posted online that you got that information from are incorect. Sam Ramirez was 2nd place in the 10K. I don't know how Mark Gannon's name got in there, but I am sure Sam Ramirez was 2nd and Chris Dumbroski 3rd. I think that guy ran the 5K and ended up in the wrong results. He could have signed up for the 10K and then run the 5K course. The correct places were announced at the race.

Bob Richards said...

Eric, Thanks. Sorry about that. As a race director, I know that "stuff" happens. I appreciate you giving the correct information.

IW said...

Eric, Thanks for your post. I just got a medal in the mail for finishing first in my age group, but Mark Gannon actually finshed ahead of me in the official timing... I have emailed the Pacers to clarify. What makes you think Mark Gannon wasn't in the 10K?

Eric said...

To "IW"

I just saw your comment now so you might not see this reply, but I know Sam Ramirez was 2nd place in the 10K because I saw him finish as the next person after me.

Also, if you do a search for Mark Gannon's rac results that appears to be a time he would have run for 5K, not 10K.

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