Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hamstring It Was for Charlie; Nancy Mines Medals!

Charlie Kern is back from Finland-Holland and confirms his hamstring was too sore for him to run the 1,500 at the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam. Kudos to the 40-year-old from Elmhurst for his big win at the World Masters meet last Thursday in Lahti, Finland. The photo shows Charlie on the Lahti podium the day after his big victory. Meanwhile Nancy Rollins placed second in the F60 1,500 at the National Senior Games in San Francisco with a 5:52:62. Winner was Candy Puterbaugh from Utah, who ran 5:46:09. Later, Nancy took third in the 800 meters with a 2:57.32. Puterbaugh won that one, too, with a 2:53.84. Nancy also placed second in the 5K and 10K road races, losing both events for the F60-64 titles to Sabra Harvey of Texas. It was 19:55 to 20:59 in the 5K and 41:58 to 43:55 in the 10K. There is no shortage of talent in the Chicago area.

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