Sunday, August 2, 2009

Goucher Blows "Em Away at Rock 'n' Roll Half

Kara Goucher made her rehearsal for the IAAF World Championship Marathon in Berlin on Aug. 23 look relatively easy on Sunday, breezing to a win on a perfect morning for the Rock 'n' Roll Half-Marathon in Chicago. The time was 1:08:05, not an American record (Deena Kastor has it with a 1:07:34 in 2006, but darned good for having zero opposition. No one else was even in the picture, male or female. Chad Ware, 24, of Deerfield, was first male in 1:08:24. Goucher, who, according to Chicago Tribune writer Phil Hersh has been running 120-mile weeks, looks ready for a memorable performance in Berlin! There were 14,438 finishers, with 9,438 of them being females. Has the once male-dominated sports been turned 1980 degrees? After Goucher, 31, of Portland, Ore. (Nike-land) won, toweled off and did interviews, second through fifth on the women's side went like this: Connie Abbott, 23, Kansas City, 1:21:50; Amanda Domich, 24, Chicago, 1:22:28; Suet-Fei Li, 33, Schaumburg, 1:22:36 and Jackie Pirtie-Hall, 27, of St. Charles, MO, in 1:23:19. After Ware, second through fifth on the men's side went like this: David Williams, 37, Milwaukee, 1:08:49; Emisael Favela, 32, Cicero, 1:09:14; Daniel Jess, 28, San Antonio, TX, 1:10:33 and Christopher Peverada, 22, Chicago, 1:11:36. Being called the inaugural Rock 'n' Roll Chicago Half-Marathon is a bit misleading. This was not the first edition of this race, just the first one called Rock 'n' Roll. Originally founded in 1977 as the Chicago Distance Classic 20K and won by that year by Frank Shorter, the event, which once aided the Lung Association, has a long rich history, including ownership from 2003-2009 by John Bingham Racing. Today's race definitely was big though. Congrats to all. For another take on the day's events please take a look at Brenda Barrera's report at the following link:

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