Saturday, August 15, 2009

Egle Has Landed! 47-Year-Old Wins

Mike Egle of Glenview isn't getting any younger, but he's running as though he were 20 years younger than he is. The 47-year-old ran a 16:12.0 on Saturday to win the Rally for Autism Run 5K at Independence Grove in Libertyville. Second went to 18-year-old Zach Krause of Genoa City, Wis., in 16:15.7 and third went to Kenneth Mulhollon, 39, of Lake Geneva, Wis., in 17:17.8. Shanna Piggott, 31, of Round Lake was the women's winner in 20:19.6. Laura Preisen, 29, of Chicago, was second in 20:48.3 and Brenda Zeck, 44, of Third Lake, was third overall and first master in 22:56.6.

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