Friday, May 15, 2009

Sam Cortes Update: Mystery Solved!

The following is a comment filed below on the original Sam Cortes piece. I just wanted to make sure you saw it. This is Sam Cortes Jr. here. I used to go to almost all of my dad's races for years. I was the one who would meet him at different points of the race and give him his water(I'm sure you saw me,lol)...My Dad is fine he is slightly injured but more than anything he's spending time with his grandkids on the weekends. He still runs and trains every day but he's just taking it easier these days...He already has my son(Sammy Cortes III,20 months old)running beside him up and down his driveway that he sometimes trains on so maybe you'll see him out there as well in the very near future:)
If I had to put my money on it my Dad will be back next season, he can't live without the competition!Thanks for your concern and I'll pass this message on to my Dad.
Best Regards,
Sam Cortes
I originally filed a short answer to this comment, but deleted it and decided to give this item some extra attention. There was nothing controversial or negative that I had to delete. I am very happy that all is well with Sam Sr.

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Anonymous said...

Great to hear. Sam's a class act and, needless to say, a terrific runner.