Monday, March 30, 2009

The 30th Annual Shamrock SLUSH-le

Wow! I wasn't sure there would be a Shamrock Shuffle when I arrived at 6:15 to begin work on aid station No. 1. As we began unloading boxes and supplies, the snow came down like a mid-January storm. We were wet. We were cold, and we weren't even running the race. Actually, I had planned to run it, but was so cold and we were so short on volunteers, I stayed the course at the aid station. It was amazing trying to keep everything going smoothly for the runners during the worst racing conditions I've ever seen. I did see a lot of you, and thanks for the all the waves and "hellos" out there! Congrats to Emmanuel Korir (24:18) and Deena Kastor (27:15) for their wins on a day better suited for the Iditerod dog-sled race. And kudos to the 13,000-plus of you for getting out of bed and celebrating spring during winter's final hurrah (maybe)! I am hearing of people whose chips did not work and therefore they weren't in the results. It may be a while before we know all the results and the true number of finishers. Sorry to all who didn't see potholes covered by the snow. I know of at least one or two people who went down after they hit potholes. That is unavoidalbe, and remember, we all choose to do this! Congrats to all, starting with the organizers.

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Anonymous said...

"Double J" 3rd OA in the snow? What do ya know? That kid is fizzast Bro!