Monday, April 30, 2012

Halfs Breaking Out All Over -- It's May

The 5th annual First Midwest Bank Southwest Half Marathon this Sunday in Palos Heights is the local headliner with top elites, great organization, Runners Choice Circuit points at stake and everything else that goes into a first-rate race. But the "Palos Half" is not alone. Other Halfs (or should it be the mathematical Halves?) this weekend include the Great Western in St. Charles, the Mini-Indy in Indianapolis, the Door County Half in Peninsula Park, WI, and other 13.1s in Ripon, WI, and, of course, Kenosha, WI, where the big Wisconsin Marathon and Half Marathon will be taking place. I'm doing Door County because we go up there all the time and I love the race. Sure, I'll put myself behind in points on the CARA Circuit, but hopefully, I can make up for lost ground later. Where will you be running? Which 13.1s have I left out?

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