Sunday, January 15, 2012

Congrats to Our Trials Finishers!

What a flashback to how it once was yesterday to actually be able to see the Olympic Marathon Trials on TV, even if they were edited. I made sure I didn't know what had happened and thoroughly enjoyed the delayed telecast on NBC. Here is a special salute to the finishers from Illinois or with Illinois ties. On the men's side, Patrick Rizzo, 28, of Boulder, CO, a former Schaumburg resident, ran a terrific race, clocking 2:13:42 for 13th place. Jeff Jonaitis, 30, of Tinley Park, also ran extremely well, putting in a 2:17:56 for 41st place. In the women's race, which started 15 minutes after the men, former Chicagoan Claudia Becque, 35, of Emerald Hills, CA, finished 78th in 2:45:00. Another former Chicagoan, Christina Overbeck, 25, of Portland, OR, came in 108th in 2:48:25, and Kate DeProsperis, 32, of Downers Grove, finished in 134th with a 2:53:29. Great running by everyone! What effort, what training. You all deserve some time off for a job very well-done!


Winston Groom said...

It was a good race to watch and I also didn't know the outcome in advance.
Their times may be the best in the U.S. but they're really going to have to go faster (much faster) if they are going to medal in London.
Given that the temp was about 42 degrees in Houston and the avg. summer temp in London is in the mid-70's, our running brethren from the African continent will have a distinct advantage.

Anonymous said...

Christina did another outstanding job. Can you imagine running a 2:47 marathon in October, another 2:46 to qualify in December then a 2:48 a month later? This girl is an amazing runner.

WendyCity Productions said...

So proud of Christina! Her marathon debut was at the 2009 Chicago Marathon, with a time of 2:54:39. She has run four marathons in 12 months in her quest for an Olympic Trials Qualifying time (2:44:24 at CIM). The Olympic Trials in Houston was her fifth-ever marathon!