Sunday, October 30, 2011

Chad Ware Wins Marine Corps. Marathon

Chad Ware of Wheeling won the Marine Corps. Marathon today in Washington, D.C. with a great time of 2:19:16. "Oh so close to that sub-2:19 OT (Olympic Trials) Qualifier, but praise God for a good marathon and a win today," Ware wrote on Facebook. Ware, 27, won by 4:30 over runner-up Mike Wardian, 37, of Arlington, VA, who ran 2:23:46. U.S. men's standrds for the 2012 Trials are 2:19 for the marathon, 1:05 for the half-marathon or 28:30 for 10,000 meters. Congratulations to Chad, who leads the male CARA Overall Runners Choice Circuit point standings. Trians, or no Trials (yet), we are lucky to have such a talented runner living in our midst. Photo: Washington Post.


Pete B said...

Wow, that is phenomenal. Congrats to Mr. Ware on winning the M.C. Marathon and congrats on a time that is about 45 minutes faster than I could ever dream of running!
They should let him into the trials based on winning this prestigious event.

WendyCity Productions said...

I know I speak for the entire Chicago running community when I say how proud I am of Chad. And not just because he's fast; he's a wonderful guy, too!