Monday, April 18, 2011

Lakefront 10 Effect: Cold, Wet and Fun

Sorry I'm late. I've been in Internet purgatory, unable to post anything. Let's go back to Saturday at the Lakefront 10. It was cold and rainy, just as predicted. The puddles and wind added to the blend that kept everyone focused on running . . . and finishing! I personally felt pretty good for about 6.5 miles. Then I seemed to succumb to the weather a bit, but pulled it together at the end to finish smiling. There were 1,261 hearty souls out there with me as we braved the April elements. Leading the way was Chad Ware, 26, of Deerfield, who posted a 52:00.2, winning comfortably over runner-up Jesse Kleinjan, 27, of Chicago, who finished in 52:55.9. Third went to steady and reliable Emisael Favela, 34, of Berwyn, in 54:45.7; fourth went to former CARA Runner of the Year Dave Wilson, 42, of Brookfield, in 56:07.4; and fifth went to Mike Begich Jr., 28, of Naperville, in 56:39.8. Women's champion was Erin Moffett, 29, of Chicago, in 1:00:03.7. Columba Montes, 31, of Chicago, was second in 1:00:29.0. Heather Prekop, 29, of Chicago, was third in 1:00:39.2; Christina Overbeck, 25, of Chicago, was fourth in 1:00:54.8; and Blossom Marimpietri, 25, of Downers Grove, in 1:04:38.6. I have to say CARA pulled off a great race under very difficult conditions. Needless to say, with the race on the Runners' Choice Circuit, the field was loaded.

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