Friday, April 22, 2011

Grete The Great

No doubt, you've read this week of the tragic passing of Grete Waitz of Norway, one of the great marathon runners of all time. Being the age that I am, Grete was one of the many special athletes who forged new horizons for all of us back in the 1970s and '80s. You'll never again see someone win the New York City Marathon nine times, and do it with a smile and humility. Down in my basement is a picture of Grete I had autographed back in the day. I will treasure it more than ever now. Some of you might remember that Grete once appeared at the now-defunct Motorola Half-Marathon in Schaumburg. The one thing she said then that I have never forgotten is "listen to your body." How right she was. Only you know exactly what hurts and what doesn't; all training programs do not fit all, etc. etc. She was a beautiful human being. She was a highlight-reel runner. She will be greatly missed.

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Pete B said...

I remember seeing her once or twice at the Chase Corporate Challenge in Chicago. She would offer words of encouragement before the race. I just noticed she had an e-mail address on the Chase CC site to ask her questions regarding training. I am running the NY Marathon in November, so am interested in seeing what tributes they will have for her there.