Monday, August 23, 2010

Champion's Race Goes to Flaherty

The Dick Pond Champion's Race 10K on Saturday was a newbie, but as the USATF "state championship," it drew a decent contingent of runners, mostly from the city. Matt Flaherty, 25, was the winner in 31:52.30 on the course that started and finished near Montrose Harbor. Mark Wehrman, 23, of Chicago, was second in 33:47.35, and John Taylor, 38, was third in 34:15.75. The women's top three went like this: Sue DeHaan, 43, in 40:48.85; Jennifer Pfaff, 34, in 41:07.70, and Kristen Frey, 26, in 41:18.95. In the 5K, Kevin Granato, 32, won in 16:55.60, while Holly Porter, 34, was the women's winner in 19:41.00 This was intriguing to say the least. Dick Pond is located in the suburbs not the city. I'll bet organizers meant for it to be Champions' (plural possessive), not Champion's (singular possessive) Race. And going up against the DeKalb Cornfest 10K CARA Runners' Choice Circuit race didn't help, but some powerful runners did show up to make this event a success.

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Anonymous said...

i was there. it seemed like a well organized race with a pretty good turnout. we had to battle a few cara training run folks and a couple of bikers on the lakefront path, but by the time you got to the heavily trafficed areas, the race was pretty spread out. it definitly seemed like the field was faster than races of similar sizes in the city. i'd do it again.