Friday, September 18, 2009

Gebrselassie vs. Kibet Sunday in Berlin

This is worth watching on Universal Sports Sunday morning. Chicago wants to be the fastest World Marathon Majors race and might be, but when you have Haile Gebrselassie, the Ethiopian great who has the world record of 2:03:59, running against Duncan Kibet, the Kenyan who ran 2:04:27 at Rotterdam in April, you have a matchup of epic proportions. Berlin will have very warm weather to contend with, which is unfortunate. Blame it on the German national elections a week from Sunday, which forced the marathon to be run a week earlier than usual. Both runners respect each other and will go for it if the weather allows. It should be a fun race to watch. There are other very strong runners in the race who could make it intriguing if one of big two fails. After Sunday, it's on to Chicago for the World Marathon Majors in what I hope is a safe and fast race in normal (not hot) weather on Oct. 11!

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