Friday, December 26, 2008

March Madness in December!

As we all know, the March Madness Half-Marathon in Cary always fills in a day or two. This year, registration opens on Dec. 31 for the cultish event that is scheduled to be run on March 15, four weeks-plus before Boston. It is a perfect tuneup in many ways for the Patriots Day run. However, it also can beat you up and leave you flat. So do I run it or do I not run it? Complicating things is the possibility the race will be named to CARA's new Runner's Choice Series, which is replacing the CARA Circuit. The problem with that is the new Series likely won't be announced until the first week of January, which means the race could be filled before the Series is even announced (there usually is a 1,000-runner limit). Nothing is ever simple anymore! What's a crazed runner to do? I guess I'll eat some holiday chocolate and head out into the ice and slush for a run!

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