Sunday, December 14, 2008

Favela Blows 'Em Away in Vegas

Thanks to a tip from fellow writer and blogger Brenda Barrera (Chicago Running Examiner), I can report (belatedly) that Cicero's Emisael Favela, 31, won the Las Vegas Half-Marathon Dec. 7 in a swift time of 1:09:48. Second place was Jake Puzey, 26, of Hermiston, Ore. in 1:12:38. No contest! Emisael topped a finishing field of 11,260. Way to go!! Now, he can run in the slop again with the rest of us winter warriors! That's Emisael in the photo, but not in Las Vegas. He is shown at last summer's Xtreme 10-miler.

1 comment:

Nettie said...

Very cool!

I wish it was slop outside, that would be better than the break your neck ice cover that seems to be in vogue for Chicago winter this season.