Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ware, Overbrook Win at Westchester

Chad Ware, 24, of Deerfield won Sunday's Westchester Veterun 10K in 31:15.4, about 19 seconds over the course record. After the first mile, Ware said he ran virtually alone in the 10K race, with only distant runner-up Sam Romanoski, 24, of Lake Zurich, putting up a chase. Ware did have the advantage of running with 5K leaders Jack Kafel and Charlie Kern for just about half of the race, and held his 5-minute-per-mile goal pace until the last couple of miles. Romanoski finished second in 32:41.6, and Joe Guinness, 23, of Chicago, placed third in a tough field, timing in at 33:12.0.
On the women's side, Christina Overbrook, 22, of Chicago, won in 37:12.8. She was followed by likely CARA female runner of the year Pam Blair, 27, of Chicago, who clocked 38:37.4, and Kate Deprosperis, 26, of Oak Brook, who posted a 39:10.0.
In the 5K, Kafel, 32, of River Forest, outlasted Kern, 39, of Elmhurst, 15:10.5 to 15:27.2. Brian Runyon, 27, of Glen Ellyn, grabbed third in 16:18. Megan Baganz, 32, of Naperville, won the women's 5K in 18:47.9. Columba Montes, 29, of Chicago, ran second with a 19:39.5, and Veronica Loureano, 24, of Chicago, placed third in 19:53.8
It was about 35 degrees at race time with pretty strong winds blowing across Mayfair Park from the northwest. This was a poly-pro, hat-gloves kind of a day, at least for me. The finale for this year's CARA Circuit was a nice 10K, not a fast one, for me, as I took off at 7-minute pace and held it through four miles, slipping to about 7:05 the last 2.2. I was well back in my age-group, taking seventh in 43:42. Hats off to my fellow age-groupers Sam Cortes, Eric Burgess and Fritz Gareis, who fought the good fight and will be on the CARA awards podium in January. It was great to see so many people I knew and to partake in the hot dogs and chicken noodle soup afterward. It also was important for me to honor veterans and soldiers who have paid the ultimate price. Check out for results.


Anonymous said...

Tough stinking point from a highly sought CARA award.
Perhaps you should drop all those Summer relays and concentrate on your speed work.

Just kidding. You had a great season. So many exceptional runs this year. Then again..... if only you had eaten just one more biscuit for breakfast on race day.

Keep this great site alive. Enjoy the information about the Chicago running scene.

Bob Richards said...

I'll remember that biscuit thing next year! Yeah, the relay would be a good excuse, but no thanks. The right three people went 1-2-3. It's like golf. The challenge keeps you coming back for more punishment.

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