Monday, July 21, 2008

What? A New Post? It Happens!

I'm still tucked away "up north," but soon will be back on the Chitown scene. Six of us volunteered yesterday at the Door County Triathlon, a spectacular event that takes in much of the county's natural beauty. We handled the water station at Mile 11 of the half-Iron division, and had a blast. My cousins Pat Overton and Bill Orner, good friends Gen and Dave Seefeldt, Nancy and I kept people hydrated for the final push to the finish. We really had fun and I really felt good to be able to give back up here where I have done various races for years all over the county. I want to congratulate good friend Mark Hauser of Chicago for his great overall victory in the sprint division. His final time was 1:08:51. I've been running a lot and eating a lot up here. I'm primed for Waterfall Glen (ha ha) on Saturday.

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