Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hoist the Flags!

Well, it's Flag Day for me today. Yep, I'm going shopping for flags. It's my newest duty as co-director of the Community Bank of Elmhurst 4 on the 4th race. This year, as a CARA Circuit race, we are required by CARA to have race condition flags at each aid station (we have four stations) to indicate safety conditions for the runners. There are no guidelines other than color, and we have to supply the flags. Nice, huh? We'll have four flags ready at each station: Green (proceed); Yellow (proceed with caution); Red (return to start); Black (You will be picked up).
This should be interesting. The part I like the least is that it is up to the race director to determine the conditions. Hello, lawsuits? Oh well. Another thing I don't like is that some other CARA Circuit races have not been fulfilling this requirement. I don't want to risk us getting kicked off the Circuit, so we'll adhere whether we like it or not. Hope to see you on July 4.


RunnerGirl said...

Race condition flags? Really? Oh boy. So is CARA assuming that each and every runner knows what each color flag means??


I look forward to my first running of this race!

Happy 4th!

RunnerGirl (Janeth)

Bob Richards said...

It's our job to educate you. It's a work in progress . . . but if we want to stay on the Circuit . . .
I have a feeling it will be Green or Yellow on race day!