Sunday, May 5, 2013

Imig, Guerrero Take Cinco de Miler

Cinco miles on Cinco de Mayo means a five-miler on May 5. For the 5,058 finishers in Sunday's Cinco de Miler in Chicago, it was a day to salute Steve Imig, 36, of Chicago, who won the overall title in 26:13, and amazing Angelica Guerrero, 51 (that's right), of Chicago, who was the women's champ in 31:47. A distant second in the men's race was Nickolaus Early, 33, of Chicago, in 27:03. Third was taken by Jeff Hojnacki, 39, of Chicago, in 27:48, and fourth was earned by Matthew Jeromin, 32, of Des Plaines, in 27:58. Second woman was Kelly Shuma, 28, of Chicago, who ran a 32:12. Next was Annabel Chammas, 13, of Chicago (wow), in 32:20, and fourth went to Jeannie Sullivan, 32, of Chicago, in 32:22. RAM Racing was in charge of this biggie. Great job by everyone involved.

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