Monday, July 23, 2012

Results Are In: Favela, Montes Win Xtreme 10

The race itself was a long ordeal with high humidity making it a very difficult day to race, but the wait for the Waterfall Glen Xtreme 10-Mile results was also long. You knew things were going to be tough on the course by Mile 3 on Saturday, and you knew things were going to be tough with the results when no age-group results were kicking out of the computers. As it turns out, there were missing ages, missing names and possible questions about people starting in the wrong wave (they started three minutes apart). But when all was said and run, Emisael Favela, 35, of Berwyn, was the overall winner in 54 minutes, 28 seconds, and Columba Montes, 33, of Chicago, was the women's champ in 1:05:10. The next two men were Noah Lawrence, 32, in 56:06, and Tim Hamilton, 26, in 57:46. The next two women were Wendy Jaehn, 37, in 1:06:26, and Kristine Jennings Burgess , 27, in 1:06:40. I know I went out with a plan to start moderately and pick it up. Well, I started moderately, but backed off! I think a lot of others did, too. This was a tough race. The big rocks on the detour and the extra distance on the uneven grass added to the challenge. That's why they call it the Xtreme 10. I was glad to see the finish line!


Anonymous said...

Good summary -- the last .75 on the grass was tough. Thank goodness for the shade.

Wouldn't it be neat if they ran the same race in the Fall - you could compare your time between the typical hot summer vs. cool fall and hopefully see an improvement.

Bob Richards said...

It would be an interesting contrast. By the way, was your time in the results accurate? Mine was, but it is possible some weren't.