Monday, June 4, 2012

Leaders Scorch Courses at Zoo Runs

Sunday's United Run for the Zoo was one fast day of racing for the leaders in the 10K and 5K. With ideal temperatures and a fast course with fast runners, the results were eye-opening to say the least. Let's start with the 10K. Brent Alexander, 31, of Chicago, lit it up, running a 32:19, but he had to because runner-up Geoffrey Marrion, 33, was close behind in 32:33. Third was Hector Lopez, 19, with a time of 35:55. The women's race was won by Jacqui Aubert, 28, of Crystal Lake, who ran a 40:18. Jennifer Hershfang, 19, was second in 40:54, and Sarah Gryzbek, 32, was third in 41:10. A total of 1,454 runners finished the 10K. In the 5K, the times were really something. Todd Ptacek, 27, of Chicago, won a close one with a very strong 14:55. Second in the same awesome time, maybe by design (?), was Matthew Blume, 30, and taking third was Jeff Hojnacki, 38, in 16:23. Christina Overbeck, 26, of Chicago (good to have her back in town) blistered the course for the women's tile in 17:16. Heidi Sarna, 30,was second in 18:07, and Laura Sanders, 25, was third in 18:25. There were 1,871 finishers in the 5K. I have not run the Zoo Run for quite a few years, frankly, since it was on the CARA Circuit. I do need to get back there. It's a classy, long-time Chicago race.


Anonymous said...

the path through the zoo started at the north end and went south, which was the opposite of years past. it made that 3/4 of a mile through the zoo mostly downhill, which made it a lot faster. (the 10k was a bit screwed up with two path crossings that shouldn't have been, but i think they realized their goof.) as someone that has done that race the last few years, i really hope they keep the north to south direction of the course.

Bob Richards said...

Thanks for the feedback. Those times are fast. But the people who ran them are really fast!