Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kate Deprosperis Heading to Olympic Trials

Kate Deprosperis, 32, of Downers Grove, has qualified for the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials on Jan. 14, 2012 in Houston. She ran a 2:45:16 on Sunday at the California International Marathon in Sacramento, getting under the 2:46 USATF "B" Standard to make the Trials field. Deprosperis, who runs for Saucony and is coached by former Trials winner Jenny Spangler, has 40 days to recover and prepare for the trials. That's a tall order, but if I know anyone who can pull it off, it's Kate. After running 1:22:12 for the first half, she hung on for the qualifying time, placing 140th overall and 25th in the women's competition. Other strong but non-trials qualifiers from our area included Suzanne Ryan, 37, of West Chicago, who ran 2:50:06; Adrienne Shields, 32, of Chicago, who ran 2:55:38; Meshelle Rich, 37 of Chicago, who ran 2:56:47 and Christen Meyer, 48, of Western Springs, who ran 2:58:29. ALSO, thanks to eagle-eyed Bob Cisler . . . I missed this one. Christina Overbeck, now of Portland, OR, but a recent resident of Chicago, also qualified with a fantastic 2:44:25! They all deserve a big congrats,and best wishes to Kate and Christina as their dream continues next month in Houston.


Anonymous said...

Christina is amazing! I miss running with her. She's officially the fastest chick from Chicago (too bad she moved to Oregon).

WendyCity Productions said...

We are SO proud of Kate and Christina! Christina is one of the stars of "Miles & Trials", a film about women attempting to qualify for the 2012 U.S. Olympic Trials - we've been following her and five other Illinois women for the past two years. We traveled to Sacramento this weekend to shoot this last segment of our film before the Trials (and the last attempt for Trials hopefuls to qualify), so we were THRILLED to be there to capture Christina and Kate as they crossed the finish line well under the 2:46 "B" standard! These gals worked their butts off while balancing school, jobs, marriage and they are a true testament to what one can do when one dreams big and runs fast!

WendyCity Productions said...

I'd also like to mention that Suzanne Ryan of West Chicago and Jacqui Aubert of Crystal Lake (who are also in our film) were definitely in Trials qualifying shape. Unfortunately, both were struggling with injuries and missed the qualifying time. Suzanne did set a new PR of 2:50 and change despite a painful calf injury. I'm heartbroken for them but both are true competitors and have great attitudes. Look for Suzanne and Jacqui to do big things in the near future :)