Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pair of Summer Beauties Tonight

Two of the best summertime races in Chicago take place tonight. They are the Bastille Day 5K and the Chicago Fire Fighters Run for the Kids 5K. If you're down in the city and have your gear, get out therte and run! I'm up in Door County where I'll be in charge of a water station on Sunday at the Door County Triathlon. I'll get to service people on the 11th mile of their run in a hot, humid half-ironman. The race has added water, ice and additional stations. It will be something, but I think everyone is prepared. As for pure running in the Chicago area, the next big one on a lot of personal calendars is the Xtreme 10-miler at Waterfall Glen near Darien on Saturday, July 23. I'll be there.

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