Friday, January 14, 2011

There's No Run like the S-No-W Run

I'll admit I haven't run the S-No-W Run 5-miler in Lake Geneva, WI, since I lived in Milwaukee in the early 1980s. It was a great run then and it's a great run now. As always, it's very competitive, features one-year age groups and quite the party event after the hard work is over. There were 726 finishers in the cool race. The leaders were familiar names on the Chicago-area circuit, starting with overall winner Christian Escareno, 22, of Mount Prospect. Christian won it in 26:38.1 (you can see him in a 4 on the 4th photo to the right), beating Ryan Giulano, 26, of Schaumburg, who took second in 26:54.5. Jesus Escareno, 21, also of Mount Prospect and Christian's brother, took third in 27:06.0. The women were led by Shannon Ring, who rang in the New Year with a nice 28:59.5. Next was local powerhouse Jean Marinangeli, 27, of Schaumburg, who clocked 29:29.9. Third place went to Jacqui Aubert, 24, of Crystal Lake, with a fine 31:11.8. I have to apologize for being late on this one. I have been pre-occupied with trying to stage the 12th annual Northern Illinois Nordic cross-country ski race in Wheaton. We've postponed it twice now and will try again on Jan. 22. Imagine a sport where you don't even know if you'll have a course with less than a week to go before the race! I still love it though, probably as much as I love running. Way to go, all you S-No-W runners!

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Anonymous said...

if you look at the results, age group winners, and pics from the race, it is loaded with dick pond fast track racing team members. way to step up north of the border!