Monday, June 14, 2010

CARA's Executive Director Resigns

Chicago Area Runners Association executive director Valerie Bush has resigned. I have very little information other than she is gone. Bill Fitzgerald has been named Interim Executive Director and Kim Mueller is Assistant Interim Director. With Fitzgerald at the helm as marathon training kicks off and the Runners' Choice Circuit kicks into high gear, CARA will be in good hands as it searches for a permanent replacement.


Anonymous said...

so, that's what now? three in the last four years? i think that the lack to stability within that organization is making their importance in the area less and less visible. besides the racing circuit (which only a few teams and individuals participate) and the training program (which are now a dime a dozen in the area), what do they do for the running comminity?

i wonder how hard it is to run after you shoot yourself in the foot.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bob,

Bill Fitzgerald checking in with you from CARA- Thanks for the vote of confidence. Happy to report that the transition is going well-Valerie Bushey left CARA on good terms. The organization is on very solid financial ground and the CARA staff is in good spirits and is motivated to continue to meet the needs of all Chicagoland runners

Hope to see you soon on the path-

Bill Fitzgerald
CARA Interim Executive Director