Thursday, December 17, 2009

Virgin on Verzbicas, Great Analyzing Great

Through an e-mail exchange I have with a number of Chicago-area runners, the following comments about Sandburg star Lukas Verzbicas come directly from all-time Illinois great Craig Virgin. Craig gave me permission to pass along his comments to you blog readers. I had mentioned in an e-mail that I thought Lukas did better at the Foot Locker Nationals than I thought he would do. He won it by 15 seconds! I had thought he would win by a second or two or possibly even lose. Shame on me. Here's Craig Virgin's response. Enjoy.
Yes, he did even better than I thought, too. Lack of real quality in present senior class helped him; NXN last weekend...hurt FL Championships depth of field somewhat, and his advanced age (Lukas turns 17 next month) held him in good stead with all Juniors...and most seniors. I was wrong on my recollection of how fast he ran 2-miles last June. I stand corrected. He is "real deal" for sure. He now owns all important "mental intimidation factor" over most other H.S. runner athletes....and will beat 95% of them...just by going to the starting line! His legend is growning ...and biggest obstacle....will be staying healthy....and away from running related injuries....or else bicycle accident injuries. I trust that he swims well enough...that triathlon drowning is not an option!....... My course record at Detweiler Park will be in grave jeopardy next November 2010....if he can go out under 4:30 for 1st mile. But, first he has a track season to run.....if he can find time from triathloning....and, if he can stay healthy. Yes, that is a recurring theme....for any talented athlete.

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